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Nets fans, including you NETSSTARCHYLD4LYFE, among the most grammatically correct fans

I have some good news and some bad news, Brooklyn Nets fans. What would you like first? The good? Great!

According to the website, Nets fans rank 6th out of 42 cities in terms of fewest grammatical errors. That's right. You guys. You are the 6th most grammatically correct fan base. Sixth. Out of 42.

How about that!

Here is to explain how it works:

Nets fans make an average of 4.52 grammatical errors per 100 words, according to a study by writing-enhancement platform Grammarly. That's good for sixth-best in the nation among cities with NBA, MLB and/or NFL teams, the study found.

The study collected the first five comments posted under articles on each official MLB, NBA, and NFL team blog from official team and fan websites until wthey reached 100 comments per team. Each comment contained at least 50 words and was posted within an average timespan of two months ending Oc.20, 2015.

So, first things first, and I'm going to regret saying/doing this because it really opens me up, but... The "wthey" above is an error from a site writing about grammatical and spelling errors. So, I kept it. Thought it was funny.

Secondly, they are looking at the first five comments of each post. So, if you're not the smartest among us, please wait until the sixth comment before posting. Just kidding, of course. But, I also hope we don't get knocked for "moiso", since that's our thing and we use it as a thing that's not really a thing.

That said, congrats on being sixth. There are plenty of things we'd hope for the Nets to be sixth in, except for in the Atlantic. Other than that, we'd take sixth 9 times out of 10.