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With Nets assistant GM watching, Juan Pablo Vaulet goes for 17 points in Argentine game

Bahia Blanca

With assistant Nets GM Frank Zanin in the stands, Juan Pablo Vaulet had his best game since returning from surgery, scoring 17 points in 20 minutes, shooting 7-of-12 overall, including a couple of spectacular dunks and a three pointer as his Bahia Blanca club beat San Lorenzo. It was the team's first win since he returned to action two weeks ago.

Here are some highlights. Full game video is below.

#LaLiga Una vez más, Juan Pablo Vaulet nos brinda su ya habitual show, con 17 puntos en la victoria de Bahia Basquet II sobre San Lorenzo ...y también ligó un golpecito en la rodilla

Posted by Pablo Borsutzky on Monday, December 14, 2015

The Nets traded for Vaulet, a 6'7" combo guard, on Draft Night, sending two second round picks in 2018 and 2020 plus $880,000 to Charlotte who had taken him at No. 38.  Vaulet was supposed to play in the Nets summer leagues, but not long after the draft, he was found to have suffered a stress fracture of his right ankle and underwent surgery instead.  Dr. Martin O'Malley, the Nets foot and ankle specialist, performed the procedure in August.

Zanin was been Vaulet's chief advocate in the front office. Little is known about the purpose of his trip.  There's no timetable for Vaulet to join the Nets or their D-League team. At 19, he is the youngest player any NBA team has stashed overseas. Vaulet has said it could take a year or five years.

His team has eased him back into the lineup following a four month rehab from surgery. The Nets arranged the surgery and worked with the Bahia Blanca trainer on a recovery and rehab regimen. He was in New York last month for a check-up.

The full game can be viewed here.  The TV crew points out Zanin's presence at 1:27:55, just after Vaulet was helped to the bench after being tripped.  He later returned.