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Bojan Bogdanovic talks how aggressiveness out-weighs minutes

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- There seems to be a trend in Bojan Bogdanovic's inconsistency this season. One game he's hot and then the next he's not. It happens way too often.

In the seven games Bogdanovic has taken 10 or more shots, he's averaged 16 points on 50 percent shooting. This was the expectation heading into the season: an offensively gifted player who could, as he did at the end of last season, stick it when needed. However, in the 15 games that he's taken less than 10 shots, he's averaged 9.5 points on 35 percent shooting, despite an average of 25 minutes per game. This was the fear: a player who was uncertain. And it seemed well-founded.

"It's not always about the minutes," Bogdanovic told NetsDaily. "It's about the shots and how aggressive I am when I step on the floor. I mean, I shot 20 times against Houston, so I have to be aggressive like that every game. It's not easy because we have so many good players and so many options on offense, but at the end of the day I have to create something for myself."

Indeed. Bogdanovic has looked uncomfortable at times, especially when controlling the rock and forcing shots instead of creating them. But perhaps, it was an impact made due to his frequent time with the backup unit.

Since replacing Rondae Hollis-Jefferson in the starting lineup, Bogie has averaged 15 points on 53 percent shooting. Only three games, but still.

"Many teams decide to trap Joe [Johnson] and Brook [Lopez], so that's given me some more open shots. Of course it's better to play with the starters, but to me it doesn't mean much."

The Nets know they need an aggressive and confident Bogdanovic. Heading into the season, management and ownership both emphasized the importance in Bogdanovic's productivity on the offensive end. During certain times last season, Bogdanovic was unsure of his role with the team, but now Coach Hollins is making it clear: He want Bogie to shoot.

"He's [Lionel] pushing me to be more aggressive. It's not just about putting up the shots; it's about putting the ball on the floor and create for my teammates. I'm trying to do that but it's not always easy."