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These Brooklyn Nets shirts don't say what the Brooklyn Nets think they say

Brooklyn Nets

On Thursday night, when the Brooklyn Nets take on the Philadelphia 76ers at the Barclays Center, it will be Jewish Heritage Night. That's something the Nets have celebrated in the past, and for good reason. Much of their community in Brooklyn is Jewish, and it's a nice nod to celebrate during this, the week of Hanukkah.

However, while good intentions are meant to be applauded, this slight slip-up by the Nets this afternoon is not necessarily the sentiment they were going for with these shirts they are expected to sell to fans on Thursday night.

See here:

Looking forward to Jewish Heritage Night! Our "Represent Brooklyn" shirts in Hebrew will be at the #Nets Shop. — Brooklyn Nets (@BrooklynNets) December 10, 2015

The problem? Well, our friend Fred Katz will take it from here:

The second word properly spells out "Brooklyn." The first word, though, the one on the right (remember, Hebrew is written from right to left), isn't actually a word.

It appears someone forgot at some point that Hebrew is written in the opposite direction of English, because the first word, which is supposed to say "Represent"—as in the Nets' slogan, "Represent Brooklyn"—is backwards, the equivalent of writing Tneserper Brooklyn.

May we be the first to say "oy."

Later today, the Nets released a statement on the situation.

The Nets and 76ers tip off this evening at 7:30, as Brooklyn looks to continue to play winning basketball at home.

One team, bone goal.