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Video: Chris McCullough works out before Nets vs. Lakers game

It's bad in Brooklyn, where the Nets are 0-7 on the season and with little daylight in the horizon. What's worse is that they have no draft pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, which means all this losing is for naught.

However, there is help on the way, if you're looking for a positive spin. Corey Porter, a New York videographer who's been tracking McCullough's recovery, put together a video of his shooting stroke this weekend.

Nets rookie Chris McCullough, who prior to suffering an ACL injury, was considered one of the top prospects in the 2015 Draft. Still, he's recovering from said injury and isn't expected to be back on the court until after the New Year. That, however, doesn't mean he isn't working hard at getting his body and game right in order to provide some of that daylight for a fan base that is desperately seeking some reason to believe that "It ain't that bad here."

Again, McCullough isn't expected to play in 2015, but he is expected to be a part of the future -- a big part.