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Fabolous on hip-hop, the Nets and Brooklyn: "I love where I come from"

No Brooklyn artist, with the possible exceptions of Jay-Z and Beyonce, has been as loyal to the hometown team as Fabolous, the Bed-Stuy born and raised rapper. It was his chant, "Brook-lyn" that the Nets adopted and he adopted them.

He spoke recently with Rolling Stone about his connection with the Nets.

"Just seeing the words 'Brooklyn' on the jersey, the people there in the stands, the people of Brooklyn, and the people working there – I've seen people I grew up with working in the stadium – it's dope they kept it in the community," he says. "There's a chant I started on a song, maybe in '04, it goes 'Brook-lyn! Brook-lyn!' and they actually use that chant to rile the crowd up. It's really dope to hear that."

Indeed, he embraced the team early and was the first celebrity, other than Jay-Z, to be seen wearing the Nets cap. He even had an artist design a floral-themed Nets jersey (which we still think has potential) and has introduced the starting lineup at Barclays.