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Will Thomas Robinson fulfill lofty expectations with Brooklyn Nets?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, Thomas Robinson said he could have signed a longer, more lucrative deal with other teams, but chose the Nets because they went after him and because he saw a chance for more minutes ... and a better future.

"It was tough to gamble on myself and turn down a longer contract, but the way I look it, I really have this year to prove myself," said Robinson who agreed to a vets minimum deal with a player option in year 2. "I have no doubt that once next summer comes, I’ll be back on my way and I’ll have made the right choice."

So far, T-Rob, who the Nets pursued more than once in the last four years, has done well, as Kennedy notes...

Robinson ranks first in the NBA in total rebound percentage (26.1 percent), second in the NBA in defensive rebound percentage (39.3 percent) and ninth in the NBA in offensive rebound percentage (14.2 percent). Also, Robinson ranks eighth in the NBA in block percentage (5.6 percent). Not to mention, Robinson’s 21.32 player efficiency rating currently ranks second on the Nets behind only Brook Lopez.

After being taken fifth overall in the 2012 Draft, the Nets are Robinson's sixth team in four years -- Sacramento, Houston, Portland, Denver, Philadelphia and Brooklyn -- but he's still only 24.  He seems happy with his lot

"I just want to defend and rebound and bring energy to the floor," Robinson said. "We have a good frontcourt with Brook [Lopez] and Thad [Young] and myself. Both of those players are scoring veterans and I’m just playing gritty basketball."