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Vegas bookmakers put Hollins firing at 3-to-1 bet

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There is NO indication that Lionel Hollins job is in jeopardy.  It's very early and after he didn't build the team that is now 0-4.  But sports bookmaker Bovada have put up odds on who will be the first NBA head coach to be fired.  Hollins is listed second, says Arash Markazi of ESPN, the front office's favorite sports site.

Markazi didn't explain why Hollins would be on the hot seat other than the team's record.

Hollins is in the second year of a four-year deal that reportedly pays him $18 to 20 million (fourth year reportedly a team option). Although the Nets disappointed last season and there was controversy after controversy over his lineups and rotations, Hollins was confident this season would be a better.

After all, nine of the 15 players on the team have played for him before -- seven carryovers from last year's Nets roster -- and two others, Wayne Ellington and Willie Reed, who played under him at Memphis. With two of the 15 roster spots filled with rookies, that means only four players haven't played for Hollins before.

Moreover, ownership doesn't want to add to its reputation of changing coaches willy-nilly.  Since Mikhail Prokhorov took over, the team has had four coaches in five years.