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Brook Lopez can teach us all a thing or two about cat safety

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez is great at basketball. Brook Lopez is also great at, well, just being Brook Lopez. He loves comic books, he loves Disneyland, and I guess you could say he loves learning new things about cats and cat safety.

Enter Tuesday afternoon where, well, I'll let the Nets media handle this one:

And here's the great Mike Mazzeo of ESPN with the full story:

"One time my older brother Alex was driving. We had an old Chevy Astro Van that my mom drove around when we were little. We were all like toddlers then. Alex was like in high school. So Alex eventually got the van when he was in college. I was in elementary school by then. He was driving back up to Santa Clara from our house. He had come back down for break or something like that. And he heard a meowing coming from the engine. 'That’s weird,' he thought. So he kept driving a little bit. It kept getting louder and louder, so he decided to stop the car. He pulled over on the road, like on Highway 99 near Santa Clara. He opens it. He was like, 'Oh god, I’m gonna see Midnight,' our big fat black outdoor cat, 'torn to shreds inside our engine.' Midnight was just sitting in there, chilling apparently. I guess cats in the winter, they hop in the cars. You’re supposed to check. I didn’t know that."

Brook Lopez is the best. This story is great. Your cats are safe -- for now.

And oh no, it doesn't end there. Lopez spoke to the Nets' Kat Przybyla about his Star Wars bobblehead which will debut on November 14 at Barclays --Star Wars night.

"I’m in awe of meeting him, he’s very impressive,” said the 7-foot about his “mini-me.” “First and foremost I like how we got the blue blade: Luke’s classic blade from the first two movies...

"Hopefully Robin will be jealous of this,” he added. “I think mine is much better, plus his [bobblehead] is defenseless and has just a basketball.”