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Thaddeus and Shekinah Young ... of Brooklyn

"Representing Brooklyn to the fullest." That's how Ryan Ruocco of YES described Thaddeus and Shekinah Young's move to Brooklyn.

"We knew we wanted to come back after last year, playing in the playoffs," said Young, talking about Brooklyn, while hanging out with the family at Brooklyn Bridge Park.. "It's definitely a fun environment." His wife, Shekinah, agreed. "It's so kid friendly here and we have two small children, So that's important. "

Young admits he's been "touring around Brooklyn" since they moved during the summer to a condo near the park, the first Nets player to live in Brooklyn.

The couple also talked about their relationship, her calling him a "very hard worker" and him calling her, "very supportive ... super Mom." And of course, both talk about their kids.

For now, the commute from Brooklyn Bridge to East Rutherford will be tough but come February with the opening of the HSS Training Center a few miles (and no rivers) away, he'll have the advantage.