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Bill Clinton says this year's Nets team is better than last year's Nets team

Former president Bill Clinton was on hand for Monday night's game between the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks at the Barclays Center. He was sitting court-side with good friend, owner of the Bucks -- and Hillary Clinton fundraiser -- Marc Lasry.

Clinton does, however, also have connections with this current Nets team as both he and Joe Johnson are from Arkansas -- where Clinton attended Razorback games while Johnson was a player -- and he also has worked alongside Brook Lopez in Africa as part of an NBA initiative.

Clinton is known for being an astute basketball fan, so when he sat down with YES Nets work's Sarah Kustock he was more than able to hold his own in talking about the Brooklyn Nets.

"Even though they haven't won this year," Clinton noted of the Nets," they're a better than they were last year -- you can tell. They're playing together better, Brook Lopez is healthy -- I like him very much."

On Barclays Center, Clinton said, "First of all it's been great for Brooklyn."

"Brooklyn is a great place, and for people who don't know New York, they don't it's certainly a whole different city in a wonderful way."

"I love it here," he said of the Barclays Center, "and I like the team and I think Lionel [Hollins] is going to have a great career here."

"We just gotta be patient," Clinton said.

And with this being a "bridge year" for the Nets, yes, we certainly do have to be patient.