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Brooklyn Nets hope the Philadelphia 76ers win some games

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets are 3-12, a bad start that would work out to only 16 wins. That's awful. The 76ers, on other hand, are 0-17 after Friday night's loss to Houston, setting the NBA record for most consecutive losses, 27. They're also one loss short of the record for most losses to start a season, currently held by the New Jersey Nets.

Do the Nets take any solace in knowing their Turnpike rivals are worse than they are?  Not at all.

Brook Lopez, who played through the 0-18 start in 2009, feels for his counterparts in Philadelphia.

"The truly human element would be to feel for them, right? I’m not rooting for them to lose, by any means," said Lopez, who played in all 82 games in the 12-70 debacle that was 2009-10.

"I tell the guys a lot, I’d seen things in the league my first four years that I’m sure lots of 10-year guys had never seen," Lopez said Friday. "It was a very unique experience, and I did learn positive things. I learned a lot of negative things, as well — things not to do, habits not to pick up. It definitely did help me grow as a player."

Joe Johnson wasn't part of the 12-70 season. He has, in fact, played for eight straight playoff teams. What's happening in Philly is beyond his comprehension.

"I can't even imagine it to be honest with you," Johnson said Friday "Not just this season, but the past year or two for them. I couldn't imagine that."

Johnson, who hasn't played well, admits things aren't so easy for him either.

I mean, it's tough. I'm not going to say it's easy to come in here day in and day out and keep working. We're 3-12. But this is our profession; this is what we do."