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Brooklyn Nets can't close the deal

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Fred Kerber of the Post has a troubling statistic in a season of troubling statistics.

For the seventh time in a defeat, the Nets either led, were tied or stood within a basket of the opponent in the fourth quarter. This time, they were tied, 85-85.

In other words, the Nets can't close the deal.  And often, as it did in Oklahoma City, the score changes dramatically.

In a disastrous 78 seconds, the Nets fell behind by nine as Durant hit two 3-pointers, and Dion Waiters added another. Twenty two ticks later and the Nets trailed by 11 as Westbrook assisted an Ibaka dunk. The Nets response was three misses and two turnovers. Joe Johnson, who endured an awful 2-of-11 shooting, six-turnover game, had two of the misses and was charged with both giveaways.

Joe Johnson who had so often been the guy who turned things positive for the Nets was this time the guy who was responsible for the collapse.. It's not his fault alone of course, but the statistic says that there's no one, right now, who can be the go-to guy late.  Brook Lopez often doesn't see the ball and players who could hit the go-ahead three are all subpar beyond the line.

Thaddeus Young, who hit 38 percent of his three's last season, is hitting 11.1 percent (not a typo) this season.  Bojan Bogdanovic, who hit 35.5 percent last year (and 48.8 percent in April) is down to 27.7. And Johnson is at 26.2 percent, down from 35.9 percent.  Only Jarrett Jack has upped his prorduction from three. from 26.7 to 37.2.

Three point shooting doesn't guarantee success late but its a tool to pur space between you and the opponent and this season, the Nets are woeful at it.