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Brooklyn Nets help Brooklyn families celebrate Thanksgiving

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets organization, players and management, were in Bedstuy Brooklyn on Tuesday to help local families celebrate Thanksgiving for the Bedstuy Campaign Against Hunger.

Jeff Scott, the Senior Director of Community Relations for the Brooklyn Nets, said that the team provided a Thanksgiving meal to "over 700 Brooklyn families." Dr. Melony Samuels of the Bedstuy Campaign Against Hunger said that they are seeing an "increase in individuals looking for food for their families," adding that with the help of the Brooklyn Nets, every family that came to the event was provided with food for his or her family.

Jarrett Jack said, "this is the part of being an NBA player that never gets old," in being able to help families in need. He also noted that the real star of Thanksgiving is the sides, and not the turkey.

What say you, Nets fans? Are you #TeamTurkey or #TeamSides?