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How big can Andrea Bargnani and Shane Larkin be for the Nets?

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Of the last 96 NBA games Andrea Bargnani and Shane Larkin's teams have played, those clubs have won 20, 17 with the Knicks last season, three so far with Nets this season.  Not good and not their fault.   But Brooklyn needs both of them to play well. if they have any chance of turning the season around.

Brian Lewis of the Post notes that the two refugees from MSG were crucial in the Nets win over the Celtics Sunday. Larkin played 17 minutes and scored seven points while handing out five assists. Moreover, he continued his three point shooting prowess, now at 50 percent. In 21 minutes, some playing alongside Brook Lopez, Bargnani finally broke out of his slump, hitting 6-of-9 shots for 12 points. It was his first double-digit scoring total since Opening Night when he hit for 17.

Lionel Hollins knew they contributed.

"They didn’t turn the ball over, and Andrea made shots, Shane made shots. When you make shots and don’t turn it over, you look better,’’ said Hollins. "When you just come down and miss or turn the ball over, and then you don’t stop [anybody], it looks really bad. It was nice to see them play much better.’’

How much better can they play? Or was this an aberration?  Larkin thinks they can.

"Yeah, for sure. Andrea obviously has showed he’s a great mid-range shooter, so if I can go off his screen and draw two defenders and just kick it back to him that’s going to open up shots,’’ said Larkin.