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After Paris terror attacks, Barclays Center is 'enhancing' security

After the horrific and tragic events last weekend in Paris, the Barclays Center -- home of the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Islanders and other major sporting and entertainment events -- has announced that it will be increasing their security measures in and around the arena.

Here's the full statement:

After the tragic events in Paris, we have taken added steps to enhance our security measures both outside and inside the building. Some measures will be visible, some will not. We are working in close coordination with the New York City Police Department as we continue to ensure the safety of our guests. Due to the heightened measures, we encourage fans coming to Barclays Center events to arrive early. As always, safety is our top priority.

In hindsight, while at the game this past Tuesday night, there certainly was more police presence than usual outside of the Barclays Center before and after the game -- or at least so it seemed by my naked eye. However, you have to wonder if they will go even further with the most recent news about ISIS threatening to attack New York City.

As always, be safe out there.