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Comcast doesn't think showing Nets and Yankees games is 'good value'

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are 2-10 on the season, and unfortunately for tens of thousands of Nets fans in the New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area, you haven't been able to watch the team's most recent game due to a cable dispute between Comcast and the YES Network -- which televises Nets and New York Yankees games.

The YES Network has put a website together offering up solutions on how you can change your cable provider from Comcast, as they note that they've "negotiated with Comcast in good faith for months."

Comcast, through their social media service "Comcast Cares" has made a statement of their own, telling one Yankees and Nets fan that "YES simply does not give our customers a good value for the price they are asking." Which always begs the question, "can't I as the consumer decide what 'good value' is for me?"


Again, there doesn't seem to be an end to the dispute in sight, unfortunately.

The larger question often begs, if you can't get Nets games (or your favorite team) through your local cable provider, and you can't pay to stream the games online through League Pass (since the games are blacked out locally), what then becomes the solve in this current day and age in which the traditional cable model doesn't work for most people?

Something's gotta give, and while it might not seem ideal for those without Nets games in the Comcast area, maybe this wakes up consumers in the same way HBO GO (now, HBO NOW) did in giving chord cutters an opportunity to pay for a digital stream.

Would you pay $15 a month to stream Nets and Yankees games?