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Nets fall to 2-10 as Hornets sting them in Charlotte, 116-111

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Make that 10 losses on the season... in only 12 games.

After the Nets took down the tough Hawks Tuesday, they came up short in Charlotte, 116-111. It was the highest point-total for the Nets, but also the highest they've given up all season. They're now 2-10 on the season and face the Boston Celtics this Friday in a home and home two-game series.

Everything was going their way in the first half after scoring 56 points, but the tale of two halves came into effect yet again. More so, the tale of the fourth quarter: bad possessions, poor defense and at times, poor coaching.

In terms of net rating, the Nets starting lineup is ranked second in the NBA. However, that lineup, the one that's seen success together, didn't come together in the fourth until the four-minute mark. It's one reason why the Hornets took an eight-point lead late in the final quarter.

Oddly, Thaddeus Young, who was dominating all game, sat for eight minutes in the fourth. It plagued the Nets, who allowed 28 points in the quarter.

The Nets trailed, 112-108, with under a minute remaining. They stopped Jeremy Lin and were ready to run and gun in transition, similar to last night, but Lionel Hollins called timeout and failed to draw up a successful play.

The Hornets gave the Nets a chance. They turned the ball over on the following possession, and suddenly the game was not lost yet. But as we always say: Nets will be Nets.

As the Nets walked up the floor, Lopez was called for a moving screen. Hornets ball up four with 18 seconds. Game over.

The Nets allowed 34-third quarter points. They were close to sinking at points, but Thaddeus Young kept them afloat. At one point in the third, he converted six consecutive field goals for the Nets.

He scored 13 of his 27 points in the third quarter, as the Hornets had no answers for his unorthodox style of play. Defenders on Thad, namely Cody Zeller, were caught dead in their tracks as Young trucked his way into the paint. The 27 points are a season-high for Thad. He also grabbed eight rebounds and shot 11-of-17 from the floor.

After averaging 11 points in the first 11 games of the season, Joe Johnson climbed out of Father Time and became his old self again. He scored 11 points of his 13 first quarter points within the first six minutes, and nailed his first three three-pointers without any hesitation.

But that was pretty much the last of it. From Joe, who scored 16 points and from the Nets, who nailed just two threes in the final three quarters.

The Nets played well in the paint but between Lopez, Young and an inconsistent Johnson, it ends up hurting them. This style might work in the 60's, but in today's NBA, you have to knock down the long ball.

They shot 5-of-15 and the Hornets shot 11-of-25. Another disadvantage from deep.

Brook Lopez finished with 23 points in 35 minutes, while Jarrett Jack almost notched a triple-double with 16 points, nine assists and eight rebounds.

For Charlotte, Nicolas Batum led the way with 24 points and eight assists, while Al Jefferson & Kemba Walker both chipped in 18.

Boston is next this Friday, where the Celtic-faithful get their first look at this Nets team that very well may give them a lottery pick.

Lopez disappears in final minutes

Brook Lopez scored his 23rd point and cut the Nets deficit to four with 2:23 remaining. But after that, the big fella failed to be a factor when it was most needed. He missed the only shot he took, turned the ball over and committed two fouls (one offensive, one defensive) while the Nets were in the bonus.

By no means is the loss on Lopez, but the Nets won't win any games down the stretch of games if Brook isn't stepping up. Thad is a very solid ballplayer and has shown it of late, but Brook needs to be the guy when it comes time to put the big boy pants on.

Joe used to have that role. Not so much anymore, or at least right now. Brook is supposed to be that guy.

Unfortunately, an optimistic thought in the moment is, "At least they won yesterday."

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