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Video: The Nets three-point shooting woes solved by... R. Kelly?

Tom Lorenzo

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the NBA. In fact, our tall friend Devin Kharpertianhas been tracking just how poorly they've been -- in that, he's been tracking the fact that Stephen Curry has made 57 threes this season, while the Nets have made just 43 total, entering Tuesday night.

Unfortunately for the Nets, Kelly Tripucka is not walking through that door. But that doesn't mean R. Kelly won't walk through that door and drain threes like he's, well, Kelly Tripucka (a career 36 percent shooter from three).

With a turtleneck on and a cigar in his mouth, this happened:

Yes, that is R. Kelly shooting threes. At Barclays Center. Before the Nets played Kyle Korver and the Atlanta Hawks.

Kelly also happened to sing the National Anthem prior to the game, which was pretty awesome, if I may say so.

He's your Kelly, he's my Kelly, he's R. Kelly.