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Brooklyn Nets say FanDuel following the law

Brooklyn Nets

In a statement no doubt crafted by the team's legal department, CEO Brett Yormark said the Nets would continue to monitor FanDuel's battle with New York State, but said the team believes the fantasy sports site is following the law. FanDuel, is one of two fantasy sports sites the New York State Attorney General ordered to stop accepting bets from New York residents, saying their games constituted illegal gambling under state law. FanDuel is a big Nets sponsor.

Yormark's statement read:

FanDuel’s enormous popularity has helped to increase fan engagement as a sponsor of the Brooklyn Nets.  We appreciate our on-going relationship with FanDuel and the company’s commitment to our organization. As we monitor the situation regarding daily fantasy sports, we are confident that FanDuel will continue to follow all applicable laws.

FanDuel, which has a huge advertising budget, has its logo prominently featured on the courtside of Barclays Center.  Two large decals can be seen by fans at the arena or watching at home. They hold a prime position in front of the scorer’s table.

The Nets seem to believe that despite the cease-and-desist order that the battle over Fan Duel and Draft Kings right to accept fans cash remains uncertain.  Indeed, FanDuel has said its contests will run as scheduled this weekend, and though they acknowledge the cease-and-desist letter, stated that "no action is immediately required."