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Hollis-Jefferson: Video of Mom's House was meant to inspire others

MrBizness Productions

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson says the video of him and his brother surprising his mother with a new house was meant as an inspiration to others.

"I really wanted people to see it was more so of an inspirational thing," he says. "Also, the surprise on my mom's face was needed because a lot of people wanted to see that, but it was more so an inspirational thing. 'Hey, you can also do this.' It may be tough and it may take some time, but you can do it."

The video has been viewed more than one million times on YouTube and featured on ABC World News Tonight, which was seen by seven million viewers.  If you missed it, here it is...

"People fight struggles every day. They understand me coming from where I'm from, it was tough, it was hard, but I stuck in there and I kept working," RHJ told The Post Game. "Anything is possible. You just got to believe in the process, believe in God and everything works out."

Hollis-Jefferson also spoke about his conversation with Kobe Bryant after last week's game between the Nets and Lakers.

"It was real Kobe advice like 'I see you, man, keep working and whatever you need, I'm here for you.' Said RHJ. "I want to understand how he sees the game and want to know about his process. I want to go deeper into it because I think everything about him, his work ethic, his motor, I'm not going to say it matches, but I feel like I have that same mentality."