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Brook Lopez sits down to talk Star Wars!

It's a known fact that Brook Lope is a HUGE Star Wars fan. Like, maybe the biggest -- and not just in stature. In fact, last season Lopez made a plea to become a wookie in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Yeah, see, he's really into it.

And that's why it makes perfect sense that he would sit down for an interview with, a website that I assumed existed but, to be honest, really never thought of its existence.

The latest movie in the franchise comes out on December 18, 2015, Lopez naturally has tickets to the midnight showing. The team, however, will be in Indiana where later that evening the Nets will take on the Pacers. He admitted to that Lionel Hollins probably won't be too thrilled about Lopez going to a midnight showing the morning of a game.

The Brooklyn Nets have also embraced his love for Star Wars and the new movie, as they've announced that on December 14, 2015, they will have Star Wars Night, in which the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive a Jedi Brook Lopez bobblehead doll. Yeah, it's that serious.

Here are a few highlights from the interview: Do you remember how you were first introduced to Star Wars?

Brook Lopez: I can’t even remember now. I have two older brothers. My twin Rob and I are the youngest in the family, and our brothers were born in ’76 and ’81. So when I grew up, I was just around it all the time. I remember being a toddler and watching Return of the Jedi and all those movies on TV with them, and it stuck with me. We lived in North Hollywood, so we’d go to Disneyland a lot, and I’d go on Star Tours all the time. It was my favorite ride. You had publicly campaigned to play a Wookiee in The Force Awakens. How did that work out?

Brook Lopez: It didn’t work out for this one. I would absolutely campaign to be a Wookiee in one of the next two [movies], no question. Do you want to start your campaign right here, right now?

Brook Lopez: I do. This is the perfect platform, right? Yeah. If I could be a Wookiee in the background for just a second, it would be a dream come true for me. Just to partake in the movies in any way.

Also, Lopez's favorite color is orange. That feels important to me.