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Power Rankings: Brooklyn Nets worst team in NBA

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There's no avoiding it. Two weeks into the NBA season, the Nets are the league's worst team. That's the consensus of those who rank the teams for a living.  All but Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports have them at the bottom. Those two have the Nets at No. 29, but no one gives Brooklyn much hope now or in the future.  It is as ugly as it's ever been.

John Schuhmann, (30)

It may not be possible for the Nets to be worse than they've been thus far, but they can't afford to lose Brook Lopez, who had another foot scare over the weekend. Their best chance to get an early win was Friday against the Lakers, but they managed to shoot 3-for-19 from 3-point range against an atrocious defense. When you have a worse offense than the Sixers, you're in trouble.

Marc Stein, ESPN (30)

You're always quick to tell us when our preseason forecasts appear to miss the mark -- Raptors and Blazers fans, in particular, come to mind at the minute -- but you gotta admit we were well ahead of the pack in projecting Brooklyn's plummet from the playoffs straight into our bottom five. Where do you see a win on the schedule?

Kelly Dwyer, Yahoo! Sports (30)

How is this team. How. How.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports (30)

They have the worst team in the league. The Nets just lost to the winless Lakers, at home, and their best player (Brook Lopez) is having another foot injury issue in a long series of them. Their pick, no matter where it lands, goes to Boston. I'm serious in saying I'm not sure this situation could get worse.

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports (29)

Two things are keeping the Nets from falling to last in these rankings: They get Brook Lopez back Wednesday, plus the woeful Sixers. But the Nets have played the softest schedule in the NBA this young season and their offense is just ugly. And dull.

Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated (29)

They dropped a game at home to the Lakers, Brook Lopez had a scare with his historically- injured right foot, and this is the NBA’s lowest-scoring offense even with its center in top form. Things are not looking up anytime soon.

David Aldridge, (30)

Haven't won yet (0-7 overall), five of next six on the road, including three on the West Coast this week, with the next best chance to win -- maybe -- in a home and home with Boston in 10 days, by which time the Nets could be 0-12. The Prokhorov is not amused.