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HSS Training Center starting to look like a practice facility

Moving day is only three months away for the Nets players, coaches and staff ... sometime in early February, during the All-Star Break or the circus trip, when the team is on road while the circus is in town.

Now, after three years of site selection, extended because of Hurricane Sandy's effect on some potential sites; lease and finance negotiations; architectural renderings, sponsorship negotiations and those typical New York City construction delays, the HSS Training Center is starting to look like a practice facility. Moreover, Billy King announced last week that for their first year, the Long Island Nets will practice in Industry City as well.

The court area is now at its full 34' height and the baskets are silhouetted by the 16' high windows with their magnificent views of New York. The black exterior paneling that will mark the center on the New York skyline is going up.

Won't be long before it looks like this...

and this...

Thanks as always to Irina Pavlova for the update.