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What would Rondae wear? Not "germs", not "top hats"

The YES Network gave Rondae Hollis-Jefferson a test recently. What would he wear and what he wouldn't be caught dead in? It was no doubt a paen to his two recent fashion statements: that red-and-black checked pants number he wore to the draft and his recent runway walks at a friend's fashion show.

The network showed RHJ a number of NBA players in their most out-there fashions and asked if he would wear it. He liked John Wall's plaid-paneled blazer and bright red pants ensemble and Dwyane Wade's polka dot suit with capri pants.

But he called fashion no-no's on Paul George's paisley shirt ("looks like a lot of germs"); Carmelo Anthony's top hat ("I like my hair to show ... I got good hair") and Russell Westbrook's whole line ("different level of different"). It was all in good fun, but remember, rook, you may have to guard these guys.

How would he describe his own style? "It's a lot of Rondae ... a lot of fun, a lot of excitement, a lot of you never know what to expect and it looks fantastic." Well, of course, it is.