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New York Magazine asks, "Why are Brooklyn Nets fans so optimistic?"

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Are the Nets fans "optimistic" in the face of overwhelmingly pessimistic punditry, as Nathan Pemberton writes for New York Magazine?  Have they learned from experience not to have expectations? Or do they know something?!

Maybe it's because of the negativity being peddled by pundits (you know, that they're "putrid" or "pocket lint" or "arguably the worst team in the NBA") or that they used up all their delusion in 2013 when their owners were ready to design championship rings following the trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Whatever, as we say in the borough of no expectations. The number of downcast is surprisingly small. Well, duh. Fans are fans.

Pemberton interviews fans who are dismissive of the analytics behind the predictions -- or are simply going with their hearts. But on these pages and elsewhere, it's mostly about wait-and-see rather than parade planning.

"Eh, I don't listen to none of that," said Tony Taylor, a self-described New York sports fan who showed up at Barclays Wednesday when asked about the numbers. "Do they have heart?" Taylor said. "After tonight, I'll know, and that's all I need to know."

Similarly, Mrs. Whammy, aka Judy Resnick, was having none of this bothersome negativity. "I love all everyone on this team, each player has a special place in my heart."

Rather than listening to the guys in the press box exclaiming "this is a disaster!" (We know who you are!), Pemberton should have paid attention to Mrs. Whammy.  These guys, at least for now, are lovable ... character guys with something to prove.  No more prima donas goes the reverse conventional wisdom.  We're happy with our guys ... as long as they have heart.

But there's something else a bit disturbing about this. At its core, there is an assumption that the Nets are hopeless and their fans should understand that, dammit!  Even before a game is played, the fans should realize what fools they are!  As our season preview and our roundtable have shown, no one here is predicting the playoffs or a .500 season.  But please, let us hang on to our hope, at least for a while.