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Add 'Diarist' to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson's resume'

Brooklyn Nets

We already know Rondae Hollis-Jefferson dabbles in poetry, plays the piano -- and does a little composing, too -- as well as models friends' new clothing lines. We hear he can play a little defense, too.

Now, we can add diarist to the list.  The New York Post is going to publish an occasional but "recurring diary" written by RHJ throughout the season.  The first entry is published Sunday.  In it, the Chester, Pa, native talks about his top priority off the court ... returning something to the community.

"I’m big on helping people know there’s another way, and there’s a means to something. I feel like that’s another purpose for me on Earth besides being a great basketball player. Helping other people who are less fortunate, and some who are more fortunate but don’t understand how things are. I think I’m that guy to help them."

The 20-year-old cites a recent community event in Brooklyn where he accompanied a group of children to school, chanting the entire 15 blocks.

"They may not have known who I was, but now, when they see my face, they’ll remember me because of the impact me and Willie Reed made with those kids. It was big."

He also writes about his other interests. like golf, reading, "chilling and relaxing." And he talks about his first week of training camp, which sounds like it was an eye-opener.

"You’ve got to pay attention a lot more, focus a lot more, be mentally strong at a young age, and go a lot harder. I always went hard, but when you get to the next level, it’s like you weren’t going hard enough. It’s like, "Sheesh. I thought I was the everywhere guy." But they expect a lot out of you, so you have to bring it from within."

No word on what he and Mikhail Prokhorov talked about after the Tescao demonstration on Wednesday.