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From Broadway to Brooklyn, the Lopez Brothers Show hits Big Apple

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

When Brook Lopez and his brother, Robin, step out on to the floor to play each other, they don't talk, never do.  It's all business. No trash talk. No brotherly love.  But before and after that, it's about having fun together.

Scott Cacciola profiles the twins who for the first time in their eight year careers will be playing in the same city if not on the same team.  That might be too much for their coach.

There are stories from Stanford of the two of them playing hooky from practice to drive 400 miles to Disneyland, or getting up early to wait outside a comic book store in wintry Portland or being transfixed by a hotel lobby display on Disney memorabilia or, or, or.  Most of them relayed by a coach or teammate with a "You're not going to believe this" introduction.

All of that aside, Cacciola writes about how serious they take the game and how they are, like most twins, protective of one another, to the exclusion of all else.

"They are older now, more mature," writes Cacciola. "But their joint presence will nevertheless add a little spice to the Nets-Knicks rivalry, for the two brothers are simply not your typical pro athletes."