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Coaches like Jarrett Jack who would like to coach himself

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Lionel Hollins likes what Jarrett Jack brings to the starting point guard position, just as Mark Jackson did at Golden State and Monty Williams at New Orleans.

His teammates are big fans as well.  As Thaddeus Young told NBA TV last week Jack is a "better leader" than Deron Williams who sometimes "just wanted to play," not lead.

Jack appreciates all that and says he wants to coach some day, but not anytime soon.  NBA GMs agree, twice listing Jack among active players who would make good coaches when they retire.

"I’ve been around a bunch of different coaches, being able to grab bits and pieces from each of them, and in my mind wanting to apply certain things here and there that could be beneficial to my teammates," Jack told Mike Mazzeo. "When I’m sitting at home, I think about it constantly, just putting different schemes together, and it’s something that has kind of just come naturally to me."

Jackson, now an NBA television analyst for ESPN, believes Jack has all the elements needed.

"He has a tremendous knowledge of the game and an incredible passion for it," Jackson said. "He’s a great leader, he’s willing to listen and he understands what it takes to win.

"He’s been a guy that is not afraid to hold anyone and everybody accountable -- including himself. He’s been in every position: He’s won, he’s lost, he’s hit game-winners, he’s missed game-winners. He’s started, he’s been asked to be a backup. I had the time of my life coaching him."

And Hollins told Mazzeo that you never know until you take that job whether you can make it, and praised the man who he succeeded as Nets coach, Jason Kidd

"Did anybody think that was possible when he played? I know when he got hired nobody thought it but the team that hired him [Brooklyn]. So who knows? You could be the smartest player on the court, you could be the greatest leader on the court, and then when you have to sit and watch them lead, it’s totally different."