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Beyonce' makes a statement: She's a fan of Rondae

Brooklyn Nets

Maybe it's because their names are so unique and end with with an "e."  Or maybe she just thinks he's cool. Hey, it could even be random. But Beyonce' made a statement two nights ago at the Tidal concert when she got into the Nets locker room ... and had this photo taken in front of Rondae Hollis-Jefferson's locker!  It wound up on the Instagram.

Andy Vasquez recorded the moment for The Record...

After the show, a photo began circulating on social media: It was Beyonce, posing in front of Hollis-Jefferson’s locker, nameplate and all.

After Wednesday’s practice, when a reporter showed Hollis-Jefferson the photo, he immediately said "Oh, my God!" and started looking for teammates to show. Minutes later, the 20-year-old rookie still was grinning.

RHJ also commented on Instagram. "When the Queen B takes a pic in front of your locker... #CHAP #BrooklynTakeOver #GreatLockerChoiceBey."

There are many "Welcome to the NBA" moments in a player's first year. Most involve another kind of image, a poster perhaps. This one, however, will be cherished.