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ESPN: The Brooklyn Nets are 'arguably' the worst team in the NBA

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

How's this for a headline, via ESPN: "Nets arguably the worst team in the (NBA)." Yikes.

ESPN scribes David Thorpe and Henry Abbott argued on their TrueHoopTV video-cast whether or not the Brooklyn Nets are the worst team in the NBA and, well, they seem to think it's possible that they will be.

Thorpe goes on to say, "The only way they aren't the worst team in the league, I think, is if Brook Lopez stays healthy...but good luck with that, right?" He then goes on to say that he "hopes" Lopez does stay healthy and that he's a "huge fan" of his. And he has been.

(For the record, Lopez has played in 59 straight games and has had only a mid foot sprain since returning from foot reconstruction surgery. Only three Eastern Conference centers have played that many. And for the first time in four years, he wasn't rehabbing an injury this summer.)

Later, Thorpe notes that he's "not sure where to go" with this team, saying the roster is full of players who he isn't sure deserve to be in the league.

"Joe Johnson? C'mon," Thorpe says. "He'd be fine to have on a contender but this team..."  He does say that he likes Thaddeus Young, especially next to Lopez.

Piling on, Thorpe says they have the "worst 1-2-3" in the league -- meaning, their Big 3 is, well, the worst -- and that the roster isn't built for Lionel Hollins' coaching chops.

Anything else, David?

He does speak to his love for Brooklyn and how the borough deserves better. He makes him sad that  the Nets squandered the Brooklyn brand (or as Brett Yormark calls it, "Brand Brooklyn").  He believes the franchise should be the "sexiest" in pro sports.

"Brooklyn has such an allure that goes way beyond sports. it really does," says Thorpe. "We say 'Brooklyn' and we feel that! We all know what it means at our core, for Americans anyway, and the connection to basketball and to a way of life that so transcends, that translates and transcends mere basketball...

"We're stuck with this team?"