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Sergey Karasev promises "New Karasev" post-injury

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

On Media Day, Sergey Karasev was all smiles. When asked about his prospects for this season, Karasev gave his biggest smile yet.  "This year, you will see a new Sergey."

"Because I missed [the game] and I was really hungry about basketball," Karasev told Tim Bontemps recently "I was working hard all summer long to build up muscle, and I feel more confidence on the court, and I think when I feel more confidence in my game, I feel I play way better."

Karasev, who had never been injured before, filled his Twitter and Instagram feeds with pictures of his progress following surgery for a dislocated patella and torn MCL last March. Then, Saturday, he finally got back in a game, even preseason,  He scored seven points in 16 minutes, going 2-of-4 from three.

The Nets have until the end of the month to exercise his fourth year option -- $2.46 million for 2016-17.  Bontemps writes the Nets are expected to just that.  The question now is where does the 6'7" shooting guard fit, with Bojan Bogdanovic, Wayne Ellington and possibly Dahntay Jones playing the same position.  Karasev says the Nets speed game works for his skillset.

"This is what I like to play," Karasev said. "Up-and-down, a lot of transition game, transition basketball. That’s my type of game, and I think if we’re going to play that type of game I can be very successful."