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Jarrett Jack has the look of a leader, but oh, those numbers

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Expect it to be the big debate at least through Opening Night ... and maybe a lot later: Is Jarrett Jack's deserved reputation as a leader enough to overcome some eye-popping statistical deficits.

As Mike Mazzeo writes...

The Brooklyn Nets were outscored by 314 points with Jack on the court in 2014-15 -- the worst mark of any player on a playoff team. He shot 26.7 percent from 3-point range -- his worst percentage from downtown since his rookie season (26.3 in 2005-06). And the Nets went 11-16 with Jack in the starting lineup -- including 4-10 when he started and Deron Williams did not play.

But Jack has the confidence of his coach, his general manager and his owner, all of whom have offered praise for his leadership in the last week. So did teammates. Here's what Thaddeus Young told Mazzeo...

"He’s been a great sixth man in his years in the league, but at some point in time, you have your time to shine, and I think this is definitely his time to do what he’s been showing as a sixth man but in a bigger role."

In an interview with Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw, Jack talked about how chemistry and leadership can trump talent.

"Sometimes if you have guys who are really, really talented but the chemistry isn't there, you don't get to those places that you could have been. Maybe if you had taken just a step back here or allowed somebody play the forefront at a certain point ... that's what we're trying to breed here, man, that one team, one goal mentality and see where it lands us."

The coach has said that he hasn't won the job just yet, but everyone expects him to start. One possibility is that Shane Larkin and maybe Donald Sloan will get more minutes than normal back-ups.

We'll learn some enough. the first preseason game, vs. Fenerbahce Ulker, is only four days away.