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Is Brook Lopez the happiest Net?


Based on Darren Rovell's tweet of late Thursday, oh yeah!

We're not Star Wars buffs, but that Lopez bobblehead sure looks like a young Obi-Wan Kenobi and Thaddeus Young's bobblehead is identified as the "Thaddiator," which seems to be a combination of a couple of movie themes.

The Nets play the Magic on December 14; the Celtics on January 4.

Now, how jealous is Robin Lopez?  The Force is not so powerful with that one.

Meanwhile, Maxim Magazine looks at the two brothers' rivalry in New York.  The author asks Brook, what’s going to happen on their nights off—will he show Robin around town?

“I don’t know—I think I might go out with this guy just because I would look so good next to him,” Brook says, pointing at his brother’s goofy, Sideshow Bob–style mop. “I mean, come on, who are they going to pick when we are walking together? Not even close, seriously.”