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Lionel Hollins breaks Nets season down into five-game segments

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Every coach has their own system on how to go about their season. For Lionel Hollins, he has the Nets playing in five-game sets, and to win three of those five.

Speaking with Andy Vasquez of The Record, Hollins breaks down his philosophy. "Starting with the first game, the coach broke the 82-game season into 16 five-game segments," Hollins said. "If you win three out of every five, it gets you to 48 wins," Hollins said. 'And then you have two extras to get you to 50.'"

For the Nets, it has been a struggle to hold up their challenge from their new coach. Brooklyn has only won three of their five twice this season through six full five-game sets. Brooklyn has a shot at winning their third game of this most recent five-game set Wednesday night in Brooklyn against the Celtics. It would mark back-to-back successful sets for the 16-18 Nets.

While Hollins has broken a long 82-game season into a short segments, he still has his eye on the big picture. As Vasquez notes, the former Grizzlies coach has the number four boxed on the white board in the Nets locker room next to their five-game set. That four stands for the four games behind the Nets goal of 48 wins. So, the Nets need to pick up the pace, but there is still plenty of time to turn it around. As Vasquez points out the team still has nine five-game sets remaining this season.

The Record writer sums up his piece with some optimism to this interesting philosophy instilled by Hollins. There’s a long way to go, and a lot of ground to make up, but the Nets will attack the challenge one segment at a time," Vasquez writes. "And they’ll only need to glance at the ubiquitous white board to know what they must do to reach their goal ."

Nets follow numbers game - Andy Vasquez - The Record