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Did Dirk Nowitzki take a shot at Sergey Karasev?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Remember during one of the first plays of the fourth quarter when Nets' young guard Sergey Karasev went down in a heap with an injury to his mid-section ... one tht kept out of the remainder of the game? If you don't, here is the play.

Well, Nets insiders say that Dirk Nowitzki intentionally grabbed at his, um, groin, and it bent the Russian over and kept him out. Karasev said after the game that he was hit around the hip, but that may have just been diplomatic.  Germany and Russia have had tense relations after all.

Karasev was having a pretty good game up to that point, scoring 10 points and dishing out four assists in more than 25 minutes and was a +4 on the floor. Brooklyn could have used Karasev for Alan Anderson down the stretch, who struggled to help the Nets stay afloat in overtime.

What do you guys think Dirk was up to last night?