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Deron Williams is hurt late, but appears to be no more than a cramp

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams gave his teammates, coach and fans a scare late in the game when he hurt himself and it appeared serious as he laid on his side on the bench, his left hip wrapped in ice with a serious Tim Walsh at his side.

Just as the of Markel Brown looked worse than it appeared two days ago, D-Will said it was essentially a cramp ... and that he hopes to play vs. the Mavericks on Monday.

In the locker room, Williams described what happened.

"I went up for that layup, and got fouled, and kind of forced my way up and felt a little tweak in my back, like my backside, and throughout the game it was kind of just annoying. And then Joe [Johnson], when he got that little steal right there, I went to grab real quick and it was more like a cramp.

"So the doc said to kind of just treat it more like cramps and doesn't see it being a problem. Just drink a lot of electrolytes and it should be all right."

No doubt, there will be a re-evaluation Monday.