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From Bosnia, details emerge on Mirza Teletovic condition

Igor Marinovic is one the top basketball writers in the Balkans. He wrote about the Nets' "Mostar Connection" for NetsDaily in October. He wrote today on Mirza Teletovic's condition. We asked him to provide us with a summary of what he learned and published in Sportske Novosti.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I spoke to Harun Mahmutovic, general secretary of Bosnian basketball federation and the man who maintains contact with Mirza Teletovic.

Mirza is still in a Los Angeles hospital and doctors are treating those clots with much care, because if they traveled to his brain or limbs it could be fatal. With Mirza is his wife Maja, and doctors forbade him any contact with the outside world, especially the media. His parents remain in Bosnia, endlessly worried. Numerous journalists are calling Harun and Mirza’s PR representative trying to get to him.

It’s still unknown what caused the clots to attack lungs, but they think it could have been because of constant traveling and changing air pressures during flights. Therefore, he’ll have to travel from Los Angeles to New York by car.

For six months he’ll have to take medications and after that we’ll see  when he could play again or play at all.

Harun’s own words:

"Most important thing is Mirza’s feeling optimistic and positive. When I talk to my colleagues and friends we all believe that’ll pass and Mirza will be just fine, but it’s very serious. The main concern now is him getting well, but we already make our minds he’s lost for us (playing for Bosnian at European Championship in September). This is serious illness and God forbid it might have been fatal, but I’m convinced he’ll came through it and play great basketball again. He’s from Herzegovina and they get through!"
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