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VIDEO: Vince Carter's Top 10 Dunks with the New Jersey Nets

Hey, it's Vince Carter's 38th birthday and it's only right we give him the credit that he deserves!

Vince Carter may play for the Memphis Grizzlies now, but longtime Nets fans remember how great he was and how much fun he and Jason Kidd were together. For the new [Brooklyn] Nets fans, we hope you can take a trip down memory lane and appreciate the greatness Carter brought to the Nets organization.

Carter was traded to the Nets back in 2005 after the team got off to an abysmal 2-11 start with Jason Kidd recovering from an injury and Richard Jefferson out for the season. Still, despite the tough breaks, Carter helped the Nets rally from 10 games out of the playoffs to gain the final seed in the playoffs.

It was the beginning of so much fun.

Vinsanity played with the Nets for five seasons where he averaged 23.6 points 5.8 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.2 steals per game. He brought the Nets to the playoffs three consecutive years, then failed to do so in his final two seasons due to the Nets' plan to rebuild and make Carter the captain to a very young team.

Happy Birthday, Vince. Maybe one day the Nets fans will see your number 15 hanging from the rafters.