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Monday night's Nets-Blazers game postponed until April 6

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

With serious weather expected to hit the New York area over the next two days, the NBA has opted to postpone the Nets game against the Portland Trail Blazers for Monday night. The game has been re-scheduled for April 6.

The postponement was anticipated after it was reported that the Knicks and Kings game Monday night was to be cancelled. Adrian Wojnarowoski of Yahoo! Sports broke the news.

As Wojnarowski reports, the re-scheduling will require Portland to make a cross-country trip back to Brooklyn for one game. The Nets had a four-game layoff scheduled from April 4 to April 8.

Brooklyn next plays at Atlanta on Wednesday. The team is busing to Philadelphia for a charter flight to Atlanta. Philadephia and South Jersey will be less affected by the storm.