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Lionel Hollins: Mirza Teletovic "could have died" if he had stepped on team plane

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever the Nets pay Tim Walsh, their long-time trainer, he is worth more to them --and Mirza Teletovic's family-- today.  It was Walsh, backed up by team physician Dr Michael Farber, who demanded that Teletovic return to a Los Angeles hospital and get a cat scan Thursday night after initially being released.  It was the scan that showed the 6'9" forward had multiple blood clots in both lungs, a potentially life-threatening condition.

"He could have gotten on the plane and he could have actually died," coach Lionel Hollins said.  "The good thing is Tim went with him, Tim made him do a CT scan and they found out about it."

As Stefan Bondy reports, Teletovic left the game in the second quarter complaining of shortness of breath and Walsh recommended that he go to a hospital.  He was taken to California Medical Center in Los Angeles where the emergency room staff initially thought he was suffering from fatigue and he returned to the team hotel.  In a tweet and in interviews with Bosnian media overnight, Teletovic at first said he was okay.  In fact, in an interview with Radio Sarajevo, he noted his hectic schedule over the last year, including a full schedule in the NBA and the FIBA Eurobasket Qualifying Round, as the reason for that fatigue.

Walsh, backed by Farber, wanted the 6'9" Teletovic to undergo a cat scan, which he did.  Once the blood clots were confirmed, Teletovic was admitted and Walsh stayed with him through the night.  Teletovic's wife joined him in California Saturday. He will continue to undergo treatment and testing to determine the extent of the problem.

Bojan Bogdanovic, who is Teletovic's best friend on the team, said Mirza had suffered shortness of breath the last few games and thought he was simply out of shape.

"I’m going to miss a lot because he’s from my country, he speaks my language. We’re close friends," Bogdanovic said. "It’s too early to talk about (whether he’ll play basketball again). But I hope he’s ready for next season."