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Will Brooklyn Nets have two players in USA vs World Challenge?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

We won't know who NBA assistant coaches will select for the USA vs. World Rising Stars Challenge at Barclays Center on February 13, but it looks like two Nets will wind up on the court, one for the World Team and one for Team USA.

The format is brand new. The rookie sophomore game format is a thing of the past. Now, its first and second year players born outside the US vs. those born in the 50 states. The rosters will be chosen by assistant coaches around the NBA, but within a prescribed format: Rosters must include four guards, four front-court players and two wild cards regardless of position. At least three of each 10 must be rookies and three in their second season.

Scott Howard-Cooper of takes a shot at potential rosters in a column Saturday.  He thinks Bojan Bogdanovic and Mason Plumlee are likely to make it.  That could make it a busy weekend for Plumlee.  Adrian Wojnarowski reports he's already in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Of Bogdanovic, the Nets starting shooting guard, Howard-Cooper writes... "The recent resurgence, complete with a return to the starting lineup, is good timing that helps his cause. Just not as much as the lack of options in the international backcourt."

With Plumlee playing so well, he's a lock Howard Cooper writes, noting as well that the USA front court needs help... "All trade options appear to be on the table in Brooklyn heading toward the deadline, but the second-year power forward may be the last guy the Nets want to move. From No. 22 pick to part of the solution."

The teams will be coached by assistants from the Warriors and Hawks.