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Brooklyn Nets Unveil ABA-Inspired "NETS" Jerseys

When the Nets relocated to Brooklyn and changed their colors and jerseys, they chose a rather unique method with the jerseys by having "BROOKLYN" on both, the home and away jerseys. Three seasons into Brooklyn, the Nets are paying homage to the team's name and their history.

The Brooklyn Nets twitter account tweeted this out Friday afternoon:

The sleeves are a part of the NBA's idea to make sleeves a trend. Meanwhile, the Nets chose to pay homage to when the team played in the ABA as the New York Nets and called Nassau Coliseum home. The Nets played there from 1972-1976 and won the championship twice in 1974 and 1976, with Julius Erving serving as the lead ambassador of the organization and even the league itself.

And hey, they even gave the infamous Brooklyn Brigade a nice shoutout, with three of their own, the "Brooklyn Three" super fans posing in the picture! The Nets also included a custom batch of jerseys for the Brooklyn Brigade, tweeted out by Mike King. Classy.

Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark spoke on the new "Stars and stripes" jersey release:

"We are proud to pay homage to one of the greatest periods in Nets history," he said. "The refreshed 'Stars and Stripes' uniform connects today’s Nets in Brooklyn with the team’s legacy on Long Island, while also incorporating our team’s signature black and white."

The jerseys will be on sale starting January 26 on and the team will wear them for the first time on Friday, March 6th; the most recently added Nets' game to ESPN's schedule.

Check out this video shot by on the unveiling of the jerseys: