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Deron Williams to Kings? Still dead

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams sat on the bench Wednesday as he watched his Nets win a close one vs. the Kings, a team reportedly interested in taking on his massive contract. But there was little discussion of the trade rumors because as Sam Amick reports, there's no movement.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>For those who may have wondered, Kings-Nets talks re: Deron Williams still dead. He&#39;s out on West Coast trip (rib) w/ Monday return likely</p>&mdash; Sam Amick (@sam_amick) <a href="">January 22, 2015</a></blockquote>
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The rumored deal would have sent D-Will and probably another piece to Sacramento for Darren Collison, Derrick Williams, Jason Thompson and possibly Nik Stauskas. The hang-up was the Kings insistence that the Nets include Mason Plumlee, which is not happening, according to many insider the organization.

Will it move forward?  Hard to know.  Absent the inclusion of Plumlee, the deal could be seen as a good one for the Nets. It would save them more than $30 million over the course of the remaining two and a half years on Williams contract.

Of the four Kings players mentioned in discussions, only Collison played well Wednesday.  He finished with 16 points and five assists, shooting 2-of-7 from three. Jason Thompson who has a reputation as an underrated defender went for four points and two rebounds and didn't put up much of a fight when the Nets front court dominated early.  Derrick Williams had six points in 11 minutes while Staukas played only seven minutes and didn't take a shot.  The overall No. 8 pick has scored only 24 points in 10 games since January 1.

What's next? Maybe nothing. As long as the Kings insist on Plumlee, nothing is going to happen, says league sources.