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The second round cupboard is bare, too

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Quietly, over the last six months, the Nets have been moving second round draft picks at a rapid rate. They added five in the last week of June --buying three on Draft Night getting two from the Bucks in compensation for the loss of Jason Kidd.  Since the season began, they've traded or agreed to swap three more.

Bottom line though is that the Nets second round cupboard is more bare than the one that holds the team's first rounders.  Now, second rounders are nowhere near as valuable as first rounders and the Nets have a recent history of buying picks on Draft Night, so things can change, but right now, there's not a lot there. Moreover, in two of the deals, the Nets essentially traded second rounders for trade exceptions.

Here's a year-by-year breakdown...

2015--They have their own second rounder this year, having re-acquired it this summer.

Notes: It had been sent out in the Mehmet Okur deal, then shuttled around the league before the Bucks picked it up on Draft Night last year, an auspicious move by them, considering it was their first offer to the Nets in the Jason Kidd compensation package. The Nets wanted a first rounder for Kidd, didn't get it. Instead, they settled for getting their own pick and a 2019 second rounder. See below.

2016 -- The Nets must swap second rounders under certain circumstances with the Clippers.

Notes: The Clippers have the option to swap picks with the Nets if the Clippers pick is between No. 31 and No. 55. The deal was part of the Reggie Evans sign-and-trade package in 2012.

2017 -- The Nets second rounder is owed to the Hawks

Notes: This is  the final payment on the Joe Johnson trade. It wasn't part of the original deal but the league required it be sent to Atlanta to make the deal work under the CBA.

2018 -- The Nets must swap second rounders under certain circumstances with Philadelphia.

Notes: 76ers have option to swap Cavaliers second round pick with Nets as part of the Andrei Kirilenko salary dump. The Nets also received two trade exceptions worth $3.4 million and $916,000 in the transaction.

2019 -- The Nets retain their own second rounder, but the 2019 pick they received in the Jason Kidd trade --the better of the Kings and Buck pick that season-- is now owed Philly.

Notes: The Nets received a 2019 second rounder in the Jason Kidd compensation package, the more favorable of the Bucks own pick and a pick they acquired from Sacramento. Philadelphia traded Casper Ware to Nets for Marquis Teague and a 2019 second round pick. The Nets also received a trade exception worth $1.21 million in the transaction. The Nets dumped Ware, the 76ers dumped Teague.

2020 -- The Nets traded their own second pick to the Sixers.

Notes: This was also part of the Kirilenko trade described above, the one that got them the $3.4 million TE.

2021 -- The Nets retain their own pick.

Notes: Teams can only trade picks six years in advance.

Of course, the Nets do have a history of buying second rounders. The rights to Bojan Bogdanovic, for example, cost them a mere $1.3 million in 2011. Since 2011, the Nets have purchased six second round picks, those that won them the rights to Bogdanovic in 2011;  Tyshawn Taylor and Toko Shengelia in 2012; and Markel Brown, Xavier Thames and Cory Jefferson in 2014.  All but Thames have played for the Nets, with Bogdanovic, Brown and Jefferson still on the roster.