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So what's next? Don't expect Lopez trade speculation to stop

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Has Brook Lopez's 26 points in 23 minutes changed the Nets thinking on moving him?  That's doubtful. The front office has doubts about whether Lopez is a strategic fit for the franchise's future -- and they have Mason Plumlee who after all had a double-double last night.

It may have upped the ante a bit.

Before the game, no one was suggesting a Lopez trade was dead on arrival, just that the Nets didn't like what they were being offered, and there remains dissension in the organization about which way to go, particularly on Lance Stephenson.

Marc Stein noted pre-game that the Nets decision to "stand pat" shocked --and dismayed-- potential trade partners.

In OKC, there was clear disappointment but hope something gets done, as Royce Young of ESPN's Daily Thunder tweeted.

"Not on our team now?"

The big impediment to the broader deal appears to be a division over Stephenson. Billy King is not a big fan of the troubled but talented Brooklyn native. Others think he's worth the risk ... and see him selling tickets.

Bondy also reported post-game that "everybody on the Nets roster is available except for Mason Plumlee and Kevin Garnett."

So what's next? We might see some discussion about Deron Williams this week as he gets his ribs re-evaluated on Wednesday, the same day the Nets play the Kings, the only team who's apparently interested in taking him on. Or we might see new Lopez rumors. Whether by plan or by chance, the spate of speculation generated additional buzz. So no doubt did his game in Washington.