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From three-team deal to "salary dump"?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets are moving on from a three-team deal that would have brought Lance Stephenson back to Brooklyn to a more conventional deal with the Thunder. The Nets are likely to get not much more than Kendrick Perkins expiring deal, Jeremy Lamb. and possibly Grant Jerrett. Lamb is 22; Jerrett 21. As more than one writer noted, it would essentially be a "salary dump."

According to various reports that the three team deal that would have sent Brook Lopez to the Thunder, Jarrett Jack to the Hornets and Lance Stephenson to the Nets died overnight.  But reports by Chris Broussard and Adrian Wojnarowski say the Nets and Thunder are moving ahead on the lesser deal, which Broussard labeled a "salary dump."

Marc Stein reported later the Nets would like to turn Perkins into Thaddeus Young, that the Timberwolves would be willing to dump him.  Young has a player option for $10 million next year.  During the rumored three-team deal rumors, there were reports the Nets wanted an "established player" rather than Perkins.

Bonnell first reported the end to three-team talks.

A trade that would have sent Charlotte Hornets shooting guard Lance Stephenson to the Brooklyn Nets has been put on hold, an informed NBA source told the Observer early Friday.

The Hornets, Nets and Oklahoma City Thunder were discussing a deal that would have sent Stephenson to the Nets, Brook Lopez to the Thunder and various parts to the Hornets. It appeared close Thursday night, but the Nets pulled back Friday, putting any discussions on hold.

The Nets have multiple options involving Lopez. It’s still likely they will move him.

At various points in tweets, headlines and reports, Bonnell called the deal "dead," "on hold," and "dormant." 

Meanwhile, Chris Broussard, who first broke news of the proposed trade, said the Nets were moving on from a three-team deal with Charlotte and OKC to a "salary dump" with the Thunder.

Woj tweeted the same basic information, adding that the Nets reluctance to take on Stephenson was critical to the three-team deal falling apart.

Later, he added details...

Ohm Youngmisuk reported 10 days ago that the two teams discussed a deal that would have sent Lopez to OKC for Perkins, Perry Jones III and Lance Thomas.  Thomas was later traded to the Knicks.

Marc Stein offered one bit of hope...

As reported Thursday night, a number of teams beyond OKC and Charlotte have been interested in Lopez, including Miami and Denver, but it appears that interest was minimal the Nets are focusing on OKC.