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Nets looking to move Brook Lopez and Jarrett Jack, land Lance Stephenson

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Multiple news outlets are reporting the Nets are ready to move Brook Lopez, with at least Lance Stephenson headed to Brooklyn.  In the most likely scenario, Lopez --and Jarrett Jack-- would be moved in a three-team deal, with Lopez headed to OKC and Jack to Charlotte. The Nets would receive Lance Stephenson and Kendrick Perkins, according to reports, but would like to deal Perkins expiring contract for an "established player" or change the mix of players.

In none of the scenarios discussed was there mention of the Nets coming away with a draft pick. The Nets would save approximately $10 million in salary and luxury taxes this season.

Adrian Wojnarowski who began and ended the reporting Thursday says the Nets would like to move Lopez by the weekend.

Woj started things off by tweeting that the Nets are pushing hard to trade Lopez, dealing with several teams but are seeking information on Stephenson, the talented but troubled Brooklyn native who is Charlotte's dog house.

Woj tweeted...

In his report on Yahoo! Sports, Woj provided more details about Lopez and the Nets overall thinking...

Brooklyn has been unable lately to find any traction in talks to move (Deron) Williams, league sources said.

There's support for a Stephenson homecoming to Brooklyn on the ownership level but rival teams believe the front office is more cautious about taking on the volatile player.

Later, Chris Mannix tweeted that the Nets could receive interest from Denver but as the evening wore on, that became old news.

Finally, Chris Broussard tweeted and wrote about a three way deal involving the Nets, Hornets and Thunder that apparently is the basis for the most serious discussions.

He later added that the Thunder and Hornets had agreed to a deal and were waiting on the Nets.

In his ESPN story, Broussard reported, "Other pieces might be included to make the deal work financially" and notes...

In earlier trade discussions, the Nets and Thunder had talked about a potential deal involving Lopez and Kendrick Perkins, among other players, according to sources.

Sam Amick also identified  Kendrick Perkins as part of the deal.

Then, Woj returned to the fray in the early morning saying the hold up for the Nets was keeping Perkins.  They were looking for a fourth team "willing to move the expiring contract of Kendrick Perkins for an established player, sources said."

Woj said the Nets want to get the deal done by the weekend and the Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell suggested that a deal is likely...

What's the big motivation for the Nets other than the hope that Stephenson would become a bonafide star?  Money. The deal, as reported, would save the Nets an enormous amount of salary and luxury taxes -- something an outgoing team owner like Mikhail Prokhorov might find helpful in negotiations with prospective owners.

League sources told NetsDaily that Lopez, who makes $15.7 million this year and has $16.7 player option in July. was almost sent to the Hornets for Stephenson, who makes $9 million, and another player about a month ago. Among the names mentioned by league sources to NetsDaily were Bismack Biyombo, Cody Zeller and Noah Vonleh. But when Lopez began to play better, the deal went on the back burner.

Earlier this week, Alex Raskin noted that the Nets were "motivated" to move Lopez, adding they "are willing to deal Lopez, but they are against taking on expensive or lengthy deals in order to do so."

Stephenson would be the key piece in the deals mentioned by Woj and Broussard. As a 6'5' wing, the 24-year-old would take pressure off Joe Johnson and give the offense some oomph.  He is a solid defender and one of the NBA's best rebounding guards. He led the league in triple doubles last season with five. However, he has played poorly this season, averaging 10.1 points, 4.7 assists and 6.6 rebounds. The larger issue is whether Stephenson has locker room issues with his teammates and coach.

He had missed 14 straight games until Wednesday night, ostensibly with a groin injury, but league sources tell NetsDaily his absence wasn't about his health, but his poor relationship with Hornets coach Steve Clifford.  After a rough start, the Hornets rebounded with a 9-5 record without Stephenson.

A Nets official declined comment on any of the reports.