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Deron Williams to be evaluated again next week

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams will be out at least two more games --the back-to-back against Washington on Friday and Saturday.  After that, his return will be up to the team's medical staff. The Nets point guard will be re-evaluated on Wednesday when the Nets play the Kings on the first game of a three-game road trip.

Williams has missed four straight games due to the rib injury.  Williams said after practice Tuesday that there has been some improvement but his side still hurts when he breathes, sneezes and coughs. He also seemed to suggest that the team's medical staff had mismanaged the injury.  In his absence, the Nets have sued Jarrett Jack and Darius Morris with mixed results.

D-Will of course has been the subject of trade speculation, most recently a rumored deal with the Kings that would have returned Derrick Williams, Darren Collison and Jason Thompson, saving the Nets $33 million over the next three seasons.