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Video: Lionel Hollins on the Nets struggles with turning over the ball

Once again, the Brooklyn Nets struggled with turning over the basketball, as they lost to the Memphis Grizzlies at home, 103-92. They've now lost seven straight games.

Brooklyn had 19 total turnovers against the Grizzlies, and as coach Lionel Hollins acknowledged after the game, turnovers have been a real issue.

On the season the Nets are turning over the ball 14.4 times per game, while in the month of January -- 8 games -- they are averaging 16 turnovers per game.

Our Dexter Henry was on hand as the Nets fell to Hollins' former team to capture the coach's statements after the loss.

Next up for the Nets is a back-to-back, home and away, against the Washington Wizards. It's not going to get any easier, especially as they are short-handed without Deron Williams who remains out with a rib injury.

Video via Dexter Henry